24 September 2013

First, I want to tell everyone how much I like Swagger and Swagger-UI. That said, Swagger-UI does not support making JSONP calls despite the fact that many APIs support them.

The main culprit seems to be Internet Explorer (see Using CORS ), but suffice to say, people need this and it won’t get supported in Swagger #313. So, I’m posting this in case anyone else needs to make this change, or better still, can make this change in coffee-script to the source files.

if (opts.responseContentType === "application/javascript") {
return $.ajax({
url: decodeURI(this.model.urlify(map)),
contentType : opts.responseContentType,
dataType: "jsonp",
success: (function (showCompleteStatus, parent) {
return function (data, statusText, request) {
content: {
data: JSON.stringify(data)
status: request.status,
getHeaders: function () {return {"Content-Type": "application/javascript"};},
request: {
url: this.url
}, parent);
}(this.showCompleteStatus, opts.parent)),
error: (function (showErrorStatus) {
return function (data) {
showErrorStatus(data, parent);
}(this.showErrorStatus, parent))

The code needs to be inserted before the return statement of OperationView.prototype.submitOperation.


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