25 July 2014

If you like web development but hate design, raise your hand.

To be clear, I hate design because I suck at it. I’m good at implementing someone else’s designs but I really don’t find joy in designing something from scratch.

Enter this new era of web components. Google’s Polymer web components captured my attention because that team does a great job of communicating their vision and making demos. On top of that, the new Paper elements collection seem like good design. I mean, due to a lack of knowledge on the subject, I can’t say it is good design, but I have no qualms about ripping it off… over and over… and over.

To continue my learning, share the joys of building sweet-lookin’ stuff with no design chops, and make good on some promises, I made a presentation about web components using web components (aka dogfooding).

I welcome any comments, questions, or corrections as it will help me better deliver this presentation at HartfordJS at the end of the month.


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